Our Story


It all started on a surftrip where me and the boys began to dream of a surf brand. Something of our own, something unique. Back then it was just random after surf chatting, but the interest did not die. Eventually I wanted to try shaping and have a selfmade board to the next surf trip to Sri Lanka

First board was a real struggle, but shaping was fun and I learned a ton. I designed a logo for the board and printed some t-shirts.

There it was - own team, own brand.

I kept on learning surfboard shaping and got better with it. Some friends and their friends liked the logo and wanted to have our clothing. For a while I desperately tried to find good quality clothes to sell, but that was a nightmare. It seemed that good stuff with ecological background and affordable price dont come hand in hand. After several tries and a lot of research the perfect manufacturer was found.

I had a study project which was about starting up a business. Along the project some of my friends helped me out and as a result Kettu became a real surf brand.

Kettu clothing became much more succesfuI that I could have imagined. It has been amazing to have such support.

My friend Otto was also interested on shaping and he got the whole thing going forward. We got a classroom from old militarybase, so now we have more space to shape. Our community surfboard workshop has new craftsmen. Happy to get new friends from this hobby.

Thanks guys! Living the dream!

- Henkka

— Crew —